2016 Massachusetts Outdoor Exposition
Sunday September 25th, 2016 Has Been Cancelled.
Save the Date for 9/17/17 for Next Years


Announcement regarding Cancellation:

Hello Expo People,

What should have been the most exciting time for the Expo Committee, with just a few days left before the big event has turned into a very disappointing time. We have been unable to secure the necessary liability insurance to protect all involved. Even though we have had a perfect, incident free event for the past 19 years the insurance companies deem our event as high risk! Sadly, this is now a reflection of where our society is heading unless we all make an effort to change this attitude.

At this time, we still have every intention of continuing EXPO next year, and view this unfortunate incident as one of life’s lessons.
Please stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Lastly, we wish to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who have given so much of their time and effort this year. We are all so very, very disappointed at what has transpired but remain committed to continuing the GREAT, “BIG MOE”!!


Brief History: The Massachusetts Outdoor Expo, fondly referred to as The Big M.O.E., started out with a group of sportsmen and women who wanted to create an opportunity for kids of all ages to learn more about outdoor skills, wildlife and conservation.  They approached the Hamilton Rod and Gun Club in Sturbridge to host the Mass. Outdoor Expo, due to its central location, facilities and the connections the group had to the club. An annual event was born!

A couple of  years later, members of the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo group approached F.A.W.N.S.,   (Facts About Wildlife & Nature Society), a non-profit group founded in 1998 to promote the connection of people to the outdoors.
FAWNS was interested in promoting educational experiences focusing on the outdoors. A “natural” connection between the Expo group and FAWNS was obvious.


A partnership was formed and FAWNS became the organizing entity supporting the Big MOE  Now in it’s 18th year (2014) the Massachusetts Outdoor Expo continues to operate as a free family event. Its key function is to offer a first, safe, step into the outdoors guided by the Certified Instructors who oversee the hands-on activity stations.

Major Sponsors
The BIG MOE then goes on to provide our participants with the tools to learn about and connect with the many education programs, sporting clubs, and other community pathways to learning more about outdoor activities.

Event and Site Sponsor

Fawns Expo would like to thank Justin Gabriel from The Gun Parlor in Worcester for sponsoring the 2014 Massachusetts Outdoor Exposition and for having his web designer Daniel Fontaine build us a new, mobile friendly, social friendly website! Please be sure to check out The Gun Parlor located at 210 Summer St, Worcester MA, 01614 or online at thegunparlor.com!



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